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Philippine Abaca Bags

The Philippines is the leading grower of abaca – a close relative of the banana plant.  If you have never seen an abaca plant before, imagine a banana plant without the banana fruits – that’s how an abaca plant looks like.

The abaca fiber is said to be the toughest natural fiber in the world and for this reason alone, people have found many ways to use the abaca fiber as raw material for their products.

The Philippines yields approximately fifty thousand to seventy-five thousand tons of abaca fiber every year.  As a result, the country is also the largest exporter of abaca products ranging from bags to furniture, slippers to sandals, and even raw abaca fiber to several countries around the world.

Philippine Abaca Bags

Abaca bags from the Philippines are very popular abroad because of their unique designs and eco-friendly raw materials.  International models and famous celebrities abroad toting a native abaca bag from the Philippines is no longer a surprising sight; with the abaca bags’ increasing popularity in mainstream and high fashion; not to mention its occasional appearance in Hollywood movies.

Abaca bags can come in different styles, sizes, shapes and colors to make sure that women will have a variety of bags to choose from for whatever occasion – from casual chic to sophisticated elegance.

You may also choose to have an abaca bag personally designed for you so no one will have the same one as yours.  There are literally hundreds upon thousands of abaca bag designs that you will find in the Philippines and you are assured that each one is made only from the finest abaca fibers the country is well-known for.

What Makes Philippine Abaca Bags Special

Abaca bags from the Philippines may not always carry a designer label but they are nonetheless equally special – if not more so – in their own way.  The designs are creatively executed, each one aptly suitable for today’s fashionable women wherever in the world they are.

But perhaps the truly distinguishing factor of the abaca bag from the Philippines is that each piece is painstakingly put together by hand which means that a lot of hard work is personally put into each bag by the bag makers themselves.

This is why you will not find any Philippine abaca bag design that is manufactured in huge numbers.  At most, you will find several pieces of the exact same design but never in numbers equivalent to mass production; unlike some of the more popular ladies’ bags.